About Michele


Artist Statement

FROM THE day I opened my first box of crayons I was hooked on colors; Seafoam Green, Periwinkle Blue and Carnation pink were some of my favorites. I studied fine art at the University of Washington under some of the most loved and respected teachers, George Tsutakawa, Alden Mason and Bill Ritchie. 

The love of color and design has shown up in every aspect of my life, from a clothing buyer for the Bon Marche, remodeling homes, owning a home staging company, and as a real estate broker for Windermere, I have always found time for art. Acrylic on canvas is my preferred choice. Whether it’s abstract, sky, clouds, beaches, boats or the Baja, it’s always color and the play of light that moves me to paint and express what is in my soul. Hours fly by when I’m painting and in the zone…it’s what gives my life balance.