Leonardo Lanzolla



FROM TORINO Italy, Leonardo Lanzolla was born in 1958 and is a self taught artist. He's influenced by Miro', Cobra avant-garde, art brut, folk art, Dubuffet, Basquiat, urban graffiti and cave paintings. His work is spontaneously fresh, original, and intuitive. His practice is very direct and unpretentious, displaying keenness for experimentation and influential qualities of nature, human life and senses. Through his imagery, with passion and perseverance, the artist reveals to us deep aesthetic substance. 

Leonardo Lanzolla studied in Torino and now lives and makes art in Seattle, the USA where he moved in 1986. His timeless, colorful and original works are in private collections around the globe and have been featured in notable exhibits in France and Sweden.


MY ART is always intended as a poetical-ephemeral visionary navigation of my senses, using color to express the conducive energy of my characters and creatures from my visual experiences deconstructing the esthetic form. The fluid properties of the paint reveals to me a glimpse of a shape or a form that I can capture and let arise with my creative unintentional painterly carving compositions. I explore the life and influences of my characters and their dialogues in an almost not gravitational environment bringing forward an eclectic perception as inner medium.


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Illumination-Leonardo Lanzolla

Artistic Process- Leonardo Lanzolla