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Fogue Studios, 50 Artists Over 50

Artist collective for creatives over age 50 in Historic Georgetown Seattle


Seattle recycled arts festival opening reception June 8, 6-9

Featuring 27 works of art in the solo showroom:

  • Karen Mueller
  • Debbie Palmer
  • Patti Curtis
  • Loran Scruggs
  • Colleen Monette
  • Ilene Bernstein
  • Cynthia Turner
  • Jenny Fillius
  • Joann Wadge
  • Ingrid Sojit
  • William Henri
  • Anna Maria Grgich
  • Steve Jensen
  • Kelly Lyles
  • Linda Covey-Campbell
  • Don Campbell
  • Kathy Ross
  • Pat Tassoni
  • Graham Shodda




New art and new artists!

Now Showing


Andrea Anderson

Angela Bern

Anna Hoey

Brandy Agun

Brett Polonsky

Carol Ross

Carolyn Autenrieth

Colleen Monette-Studio Resident

Cynthia Turner

Diana Grant

Heather Saddler

Jane Caminos

Janet Manuta

Julian De Puma-Studio Resident

Jyl Blackwell

Karen Dedrickson-Studio Resident

Kathleen Demosthenes

Kippi Leonard

Kristy Swanson

Leonardo Lanzolla

Lin La Mer

Linda Foster

Linda McClamrock

Louise Hankes

Marilyn Charlat Dix

Michele Harps

William Henri

Mindi Katzman

Nancy Coleman

Patti Curtis-Studio Resident

Phil Eidenberg-Noppe

Ruby Lindner-Studio Resident

Russell C. Smith

Salyna Gracie

Scott Gibson

Stacey Pollard

Steven Rostad

Terry Smith-Studio Resident

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We are Powered by Shunpike

 “Shunpike is the  501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success” 

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Fogue Studios talks with NBC's Take5 with Chris Cashman

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A Collective of 50 Artists Over 50

 Building  a community of visual artists, performers, musicians and writers. 

Youth is Overrated

You still have gas in the tank, what are you waiting for?

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We are 50 Artists Over 50

We are taking a flag, planting it firmly into the culture of the radical and initiating the act of awesome aging. The future is celebrating our creativity right now by tearing down the rearview mirror and hitting the gas pedal. Our age is just a number and science is proving that your attitudes and beliefs are what determine good health and quality of life. Setting coordinates requires turning the page on cultural perceptions and recruiting like-minded travelers. We realize this defies the mass market, and that’s why we’re showing people we are not just a bunch of old fogeys rocking our chairs, we are the FOGUES rocking the art world! 

Press Release

Fogue Studios Press Release 6.18.18 (pdf)


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