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 I am a Seattle, Washington based artist who transplanted from the mid-west when I was 19. When I landed in Seattle it was a turning point for me as I had to make the choice of going back to Wisconsin or start a new life in Washington...with $200 in my pocket, a multi-colored rabbit fur coat, fry boots and a one way train ticket it was, at the time, a sound decision.

I started out the first year of my educational journey at Viterbo College in La Crosse, Wisconsin and after years of taking fun classes I finally knocked off the science and math classes I needed to receive a BA in Art from the University of Washington 1990 (To my surprise I enjoyed those classes as well). I am self taught in this medium and have been creating relief block prints since 1995 . I've been enjoying it's process ever since.



 I teach this medium at Pratt Fine Art Center and have shown Nationally and Internationally.  As of late I have been transforming my block print images into stained and leaded glass, also dabbling in a process called Vitri-Fusaille.  The evolution of block prints into glass is a new road I am going down.  I have also been toying with lost wax cast jewelry making of late as well.  When it comes to creativity there are no rules as to what medium I chose to do, that said Block Printing is the one I have been running with.


 My prints start with the forming of an idea that moves onto the drawing phase. Inspiration can be a random thought, a song, or a situation. It rises from the quirkiness, simplicity/complexity, darkness, whimsy, and humor of everyday life. Sometimes I have the title before the image is formed. Some ideas fester for months before I even put pencil to paper. I spend a great deal of time with that part of my process. What I leave black and what I carve is generally worked out before I lay a tool to the block. To nail down the question "how long does it take?" would be difficult as each block presents its own set of challenges.   

 I am a story teller, and like a book or a song, my work does not speak to everyone. That is not my intent. For those of you who are intrigued, I want my work to make you laugh, make you smile, and to move or touch you in a way that cannot be put into words. 

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