About Terry


My Work


I CREATE abstract and whimsical paintings that explore space and color. My work is constantly changing and evolving. You probably won’t recognize what you see from what I did last year. The process of exploration, problem solving and discovery brings deep satisfaction and joy. I hope this feeling is contagious and will bring happiness and intrigue to the homes of my collectors


My Process

MIXED MEDIA art using acrylic and various mark making tools, sometimes incorporating collage and other materials. (I admit it I’m an art materials hoarder!) I paint on paper, wood and canvas. I don’t preplan much, the work is intuitive, involving many layers. I work on many paintings at a time, and paint in my home studio as well as a large shared studio in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.   




I'VE ALWAYS loved to create art, but didn't have much time with a tech consulting career and a busy family with three children. That changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 54, and dived into art as my therapy. I’ve been doing art full time since 2014. Not having a formal art education, art classes (both in person and online), hiking and travel are my favorite pastimes. I also love teaching others what I’ve learned, and sharing the joy of creativity.