Scott Gibson Art


Artist Statement

I LOCKED myself in my room and painted.  I was 16 years old and had wrecked the family car nearly killing myself and 5 other innocents.  Fear, immortality, elation.

The child was held out to me in what should be desperation. He was not to be born this early. I am confident of that. Listening with my dirty stethoscope I finally find the tiny beating heart. It is gone. Helplessly I silently look at the young shirtless father through the liquid lens on my eyes.  This is all too normal for this jungle father. But it is not normal to this naïve jungle doctor. Numb, intensely alone, useless.

I whispered to myself, "That's more than twice my current salary." I rode the tech rocket, but I am no rocket scientist.  I am still the "never amount to anything" sixth grade loser. Can I really lead hundreds of people? This is life changing. Giddy, pride, fraud. 

Emotions drive my art. I create because I am still living, searching, confused, and normal. 


Artist Bio

ILLUSTRATOR, JUNGLE doctor, tech vice president, waiter, and janitor are some of the jobs that Gibson has held, and all along his path he has been a working artist. Gibson now dedicates his full time to being an artist – who he is and what he does are brought together. 

Gibson is mostly self taught as an artist, and is an experimenter and voracious reader on art, philosophy, and psychology. He holds a degree in Bioengineering and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. The influence of his technical knowledge can be seen in the structure of his works and process. His emotional sensitivity comes naturally by being raised by two psychotherapist should-have-been hippies.


Artistic Process

MY WORK is bold and gritty, textured and surprising. I express confusing intense emotions from my sometimes extraordinary, and often mundane, life experiences. 

I see individual emotions in my mind as rooms of distorted space and color. I work in series expressing the confusing and conflicting emotions I feel at the life-altering instant in significant life events. 

I love the depth and texture that I can achieve working in resin or the ancient encaustic (hot wax) technique. I layer on pigmented wax or resin, gouging, scraping, torching, grinding, embedding, and burnishing. This physical process helps to create works that more accurately represent the isolated emotions that I feel and see in my mind.