About Russell


Artist Statement

A FEW YEARS ago, I turned a corner in my artwork. After having created abstract color collages for many years, a complete shift happened. The shift came in the form of a black and white series of figures and portraits, and eventually abstracts. It became the "Black and White" series. 

My mixed media and collage pieces contain many of the elements I’ve been putting into my work for years. In my recent work, I’m using pasted paper, ink, and acrylic paint to make abstract artworks that evolve over time. Composition is usually the beginning of a piece, and this method leads to many ways to start a picture. Turning corners turns out to be connected to following your deep and true instincts, and discovering as you go along what the next new thing you’re creating will become.

I studied at The Art Students League of New York from 1978-1980, and took Chinese brush painting classes in New York City.


Artist Bio

MY COLLAGE and mixed media pieces are informed by years of life drawing, connecting to art, books, and movies at a young age, years of viewing every type of visual art, writing, reading, and engaging in the cultural now. 

Making art was a way of discovering where I fit in the world and a way of stopping time, what’s now calls the “flow state.” 

I discovered life drawing as a teenager in Florida, and for about 5 years I drew from the figure, and drew portraits of friends and strangers, and sat in the shade and the air-conditioning and drew people on the beach and in malls. 

I visited New York City in 1976, and moved back 2 years later to go to art school. After moving to New York in 1978, I studied life drawing at the Art Students League of New York from 1978-1980, and took classes in Chinese brush painting in New York City. 

Making collages started in 1982, and about 5 years ago I turned a corner with my work, and began working in mixed media as well as collage, and galleries in Seattle and Montreal started showing my artwork. I work on watercolor paper, wood, and canvas. In 2018-2019, my work has shifted again, and I’m painting mixed media and painted abstracts on paper and canvas a