The Pretty Bones


Artist Statement

I ONCE put my creative energies into beauty product design, I now focus on true beauty...the beautiful bones that lie beneath women's insecurities. I fled the field that preyed upon these insecurities and embraced my deep-seated beliefs that truth and beauty are born from within.

The bones, the core of all of us, our inner selves literally and figuratively, both fragile and strong. The skull is the base of our face- it doesn’t succumb to society's ideals of "pretty". Look beyond the façade of the brick walls we put up, with our cosmetics and jewels, to look at the true beauty that lies beneath us all.


Artist Bio



SEATTLE BASED artist Patti Curtis Hair is a life-long, creative, explorer, traveler and award-winning product designer. Her products and artwork have been seen in over 35 countries, she has designed products for celebrities,  one of her products was picked up by Oprah Winfrey as one of her “favorite things”.

She has shed the corporate life to focus on her art.

Curtis is the founder of FOGUE STUDIOS™, an artist collective of 50 Artists Over 50. Composed of visual, performance, music, and literary artists supporting and inspiring one another in a collaborative environment. 

Ms. Curtis is an alumnus of the esteemed Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.


Artistic Process

I EXPLORE the Pacific Northwest searching for beautiful skulls and vintage picture frames, the older the better, with all their flaws and imperfections. I am inspired to give these once beautiful animals and antiquities new life. 

When matching a skull with a frame, there is a harmony that drives the adornment direction. The piece tells me the direction, ensuring that the clash is right, and the masculine and feminine elements are balanced. There is a synergy to these elements that drives the art, utilizing non-local materials to create illusions inspiring intrigue, whimsy, and wonder.