About Kristy

Artist Statement

My work has always been inspired by nature: organic forms, shapes, patterns, rhythm, repetition, growth, and regeneration. I’m particularly drawn to tiny details that typically go unnoticed—the fractals of a leaf, the shifting patterns that wind creates on water, the multitude of colors found in a handful of sand. My paintings reference nature indirectly, conjuring images of water, or stone, or flora, without being intentionally representational.

I strive for balance between two polarities: on the one hand I seek simplicity, clean lines, elegance, and calm; and on the other hand I want to create nuance and complexity within that spareness through the inclusion of texture, layers, and detail. I aim to achieve a quiet and complex beauty that balances simplicity and subtlety with rich sensory detail

Artist Bio

 Kristy Swanson is a native of the Pacific Northwest and found her love of painting while on a sabbatical in 2016. She is a self-taught artist working primarily in encaustic and inks. She has been invited to be an Artist in Residence at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts in April 2019

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