About Jyl


Artist Statement

WHAT FASCINATES me the most about my art is how differently each viewer is affected. Abstract allusion to a subject invites interpretation through personal history and emotions.  Color and form take on great importance as story-teller. My hope is that within each piece of art you may find a piece of yourself. 

Artist Bio

SINCE HER early childhood, Jyl Blackwell has been creating art and music. She has early beginnings as a pencil and charcoal artist as well as dabbling in pastels and watercolor. When she wasn’t creating works of art, she was singing and dancing on stage. 

She was gifted her first digital camera and her passion changed to photography. The camera was the medium through which she created art. And it was through this experience that she gleaned considerable knowledge of various software programs and their capabilities.  

By combining the best attributes of different software, Jyl lays down riffs of color and curve, form and light – music for the eyes!


Artistic Process

I have always been fascinated by pushing the envelope of a given piece of software. It has taken years of experimentation to develop the process I call Kinetic Flow Painting™. Layers are created by painting digitally with pixels in the manner of paint or ink. Brushes are adjusted to create flowing streams or chaotic meshes of gradient color. 

These are then manipulated in Photoshop to create the final image. This image is then dye-sublimated to aluminum which creates a very luminous, nearly 3D effect. There is depth, motion and fluidity in each piece of wall art.