About Julian


Artist Statement

I am a deeply creative spirit. I have always loved making things. I am frequently overwhelmed with ideas or concepts and I imagine that this shows in the diversity of my portfolio- something I wrestle with. I trust that my audience will be able to navigate the varying themes in my work, to see the unifying threads. 

I like to ponder the future, long- and short-term. I dwell on the past, near and distant. I think of my place here on Earth and our place in the Universe. I think about black holes and bone structure, dark matter and reflections in the rain. 

Sometimes my only hope is to make Pretty Things, and on some days that's more than enough. But at my loftiest, I hope to challenge or inspire. I want my audience to get a glimpse of optimism, or maybe a flicker of something greater than all humanity. I want you to laugh, but I hope the jokes aren't too obvious. I want to surprise and confuse. I want you to ask yourself very strange questions... 

"is this a spaceship or a person?"

"is there something romantic about that fireball?" 

"would this be too weird hanging in our bedroom?"

That all depends.


Artist Bio

Julian is a multi-media artist working with paint, ink, resin, metal, cameras, and computers. His recent works are primarily in oil, watercolor, and digital. Themes explored are often sci-fi in nature, wavering between utopian and dystopian. He enjoys robots, space ships, and the female form as robots and/or spaceships. His work can range from dark/ominous to light/humorous. 

Julian started drawing when he was three. He painted off-and-on through his teens and twenties, but fell in love with photography, film, and computer animation. This led him to a career in video games which he eventually left in 2012. Since then he's been dividing his time between his family and building his portfolio, with the occasional freelance art gig. Outside of art, Julian enjoys cooking and traveling and playing his guitar now and then. He lives in Des Moines, WA, with his wife Katie, and kids Lola and Benicio.