About Jean

Artist Bio

 Jean Burnett’s digital art invites viewers to see the world through a refreshingly different lens. Her work is grounded in her love of travel, nature, and animals, yet she presents her own bright, colorful, eclectic spin on life through her work. Her goal, says the artist, is to create beautiful, visually stimulating images that people can get lost in. “The more you look, the more you see, the more your imagination wanders.”

Somewhat surprisingly to some, Jean does not consider herself a photographer; she refers to herself as a “snapper” because her true artistry lies in how she transforms her initial images within the computer. Each piece is a unique one-of-a kind original. No prints are sold.

Jean generally starts by choosing a single image that has a strong composition and color—although she may also incorporate one or more additional images from her “library” of other photos—and then she begins exploring a dizzying array of manipulations until she has achieved the look she envisions. Her process can take many months as she continues to finesse and adjust some or all of the pixels in each image until she’s satisfied with the finished piece, resulting in some digital artworks that are more abstract than others. Finally, she prints the image just once on a surface such as canvas, watercolor paper, metallic paper, tumbled stone, glass, or acrylic, which means that each one of Jean’s digital art pieces is a unique, one-of-a-kind original.

Jean’s travels around the world are the inspiration for her work, and she feels blessed to have visited and photographed countries on nearly every continent: Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Greece, Spain, Italy, Scotland, New Zealand, China, Egypt, Jordan and Cuba, not to mention many trips to both familiar and out-of-the-way destinations across the United States. Notes Jean, “I love the beauty of the world, especially peaceful landscapes and animal life. I love being immersed in other cultures, and I always come home with a new respect for our country and a more open point of view toward others.” This globe-trotting artist has won quite a few awards for her digital art from the Fusion Art Gallery, the Western Washington State Fair, and other organizations over the years, and her work is now included in private collections in Washington and far beyond. 

Jean has been a member of Parklane Gallery, an artist owned fine art gallery in Kirkland since 2011. She serves on the Parklane’s Board of Directors since 2014. Jean also is a member of EAFA (Evergreen Association of Fine Arts) and ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists).

Originally born and raised in San Francisco, Jean has made her home in Western Washington for 25 ye