About Diana


Artist Statement

 The landscapes of Diana Grant are wide open spaces where people have left a mark. Her eye goes to the distant horizon with its variety of shapes and color contrasts. She composes on paper, then moves to the canvas with the goal of creating a visual memory of the spatial experience. When developing a painting, she considers color, texture, form and proportion. She enjoys using accents of contrasting colors and leaving lots of “air” in the painting to give the eye a chance to rest. Achieving an intriguing balance of all of these elements is her goal. She works using brush, palette knife, and rag.  



2012 AWARD - liveArts Bothell - Framewright Award for “Red Cliffs” 2011 AWARD - Second Place Award at Covington Art Festival for “Northwest Sky”. 2008 AWARD - Covington Days Festival Art Show - Award - Juror’s Favorite for  ‘Big Sky Hayfield