Seattle writer and poet, Dennis Wilken is a true crime author, police reporter, poet and freelance journalist. 

Currently, Wilken has 3 published poetry books; Sweat off the Diamond (2009), Poetry Factory (2017), and Fool's Gold (2018). 

Before moving west he attended the University of Cincinnati where he majored in journalism. Dennis was an on-air reporter for WCPO (CBS Cincinnati), a feature writer for Cincinnati Magazine, newspaper reporter and editor.

Dennis' work has appeared in Word Riot, Madswirl, and CommonLine, among numerous others. His poem, Outcome was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011


Excerpt from 2018 Book-Fool's Gold



It would never occur 

To a certain type

Of person

That they are not

Truly loved,

While others believe 

Anyone who says 

They love them 

Is lying;

In between is 

Where the rest of us live.

Poetry Factory 2017



Some folks cannot be 

Explained, even to themselves

As they go round

Scattering hurts

And lies

Like a farmer

Absently seeding

A field

He never plows;

And , yet if you ask

They would claim 

They are good people

Who always did 

The best they could.

Sweat Off the Diamond 2009



Cathy says 

Be true to yourself

Above all else;

Cathy doesn't realize

That the only way

To do that

Is to lie to everyone else,

Including Cathy,

Of course.

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Rod Tipton-Screenwriter/Poet



Rod Tipton was born in Amarillo, Texas in 1953. At the time his Father was in the Air Force and then the airline industry. He and his family, including mother and sister, traveled with his father’s work.

Rod graduated in 1982 from the University of Washington with a degree in Philosophy. In the late 1980’s he joined the emerging Seattle poetry and spoken word movement. He participated regularly at Radio Free Leroy’s reading series and occasionally produced some of his own readings. 

Rod continues to read in bars, coffee shops and private homes. In association with Poets West magazine he’s read at the Frye Art Museum and in front of the Seattle City Council’s “Committee on Art”.

He has been published in, Poets West, The Arms Extent, Urban Spelunker, Commonline Journal and nominated for a Push Cart.

As a script writer Rod has been invited to the Oxaca Film Festival and The Beverly Hill Film festival. 

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