About Cynthia


Artist Statement

AFTER MORE than 20 years in the legal field, I returned to school and earned a 4-year degree in interior design. That, in turn, helped me realize my passion for finding beauty in materials that typically become part of the waste stream: paper, wood, scrap metal, packaging, and found objects. Ultimately, my work is informed by the serendipitous discovery of materials, which are often left over from home improvement or construction projects. 

My process is the reverse of most artists: I find the materials first, then let them inspire the direction of my work (rather than deciding what the work will look like and sourcing materials to suit). Although the materials usually suggest ideas to me, at times I deliberately impose rules because I believe that limitations - whether budget, time, or otherwise – promote creative solutions. I tend to work until the material runs out, doing slight permutations to a design to fully explore an idea. Knowing there is a finite amount of material available makes me both more and less emotionally attached to my work. I believe there is beauty in the things we take for granted - the things our society often just throws away. I am committed to discovering that beauty and sharing it.


Artist Bio


BASED IN Seattle, but considers herself citizen of the world. Her travels both near and far give her a fresh perspective on materials that would typically become part of the waste stream in this society. Cynthia’s work is informed by the serendipitous discovery of materials and by self-imposed limitations --whether budget, time, or otherwise – that promote creative solutions.