About Brett

Artist Statement

I like to think of my work is the beginning of a story. As I begin to work on a piece the story starts to take shape. I look for moments interest to move the story forward; creating many layers as I go, scratching away some areas to reveal portions of the story below. I try to leave the painting in a place where the story isn’t completely told, letting each person that looks at the piece finish the story for themselves. 


I will often add in words or phrases as I go through my process. These words represent a specific moment in time, a mood or a feeling that hits me right then. Many times these words are covered up and only a small number of readable words are visible in a finished piece. 


Much of my influence comes from my grandfather. Although he was more of a realist painter, I saw the ability to create your own world and express yourself in a unique way. I have many of his old paints and brushes, reminding me of my connection to my past, and I still occasionally use his tools and supplies in my current work. 

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Fogue Studios & Gallery, 50 Over 50

5519 Airport Way South, Seattle, Washington 98108, United States

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11:00 am – 6:00 pm