About Brandy

Artist Statement


My journey as an artist began shortly after graduating college and taking my first drawing class in Portland Oregon's adjunct school to the Portland Art Museum.  From that moment forward I was forever in and out of art classes satisfying my hunger for depicting the world around me in a two dimensional format.  The experience became as much of a discovery process than an acquisition of skill as my objectivity of the world around me increased and my focus shifted to a visual understanding of what surrounded me.  The world became a series of designs.  It was intoxicating.  It was humbling.  It was deeply satisfying.  The process of art for me evolved into a relationship between how I viewed, and felt about a subject matter and the manner in which I depicted it upon my canvas.  This is a lifetime relationship full of rewards, growth, frustration, humility and an ever deepening respect of the subjects whose spirit I strive to capture.

So now the whole world looks like a giant painting.  I can't see anything anymore without reshaping it into brushstrokes of oil paint!  Or doing a quick mental sketch in my mind.

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