Bill Reid


 Seattle native Bill Reid spent 25 years in radio, working as both DJ and voice-over talent on the west coast of the US and  overseas on Laser 558 Pirate Radio. Long-time Seattle listeners may remember him from 1600 KJET in the 80s and as an original DJ on the legendary 1077 “The End” KNDD in the 90s. In the 21st century Bill has reinvented himself as a filmmaker and movie producer. He’s recently worked with Director Isaac Olsen and musician Dick Rossetti on the feature film Semi-Iconic: The Ballad of Dick Rossetti.  

“Semi-Iconic” the Ballad of Dick Rosetti

Full length docu-comedy


The story of Dick Rossetti, longtime Seattle musician and one-time popular DJ on legendary Seattle radio station KNDD (1077 The End).  The film won accolades at the Tacoma Film festival and was a nominated for a Jury Prize at Northwest Film Forum's Local Sightings festival.  

“When a Man Loves a Woman Who Loves a Woman”

Music Video


Commissioned by Seattle band The Jilly Rizzo and shot on location at the iconic Georgetown location of Earwig Studios, this clip incorporates actual and found footage.  The lyrics are so amazing that I used subtitles to make sure they were understood. 

Cashing Out

Short Film

A short film 9 months in the making Cashed Out was the final project from the Artistry of Film and Video class at University of Washington.