About Anna


Artist Statement

For me Art is always a journey. I develop an idea and then travel the path of discovery as how to best solve the visual connection with that idea. The use of different mediums is helpful in creating the look that might draw my viewer in and get them to become involved in the piece of art. The challenge of making fine art is the fuel that keeps the process going and always stimulates that need to explore further, tap into the creative process, and hopefully have a lot of stimulating energy along the way.


Artist Bio


Anna Hoey has a Master of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education. She holds vocational certification for commercial art and is the owner of a private art studio where she produces fine art and commissioned works of art.

Creating works of fine art is one of Anna's greatest passions. She enjoys working in several different media including pencil (both graphite and colored pencil), watercolor, oil paint, acrylics, gouache, inks, and pastels, and often combines these mediums.