About Angela


Artist Statement

IMMEDIATE AND startling impact, followed by the slower realization of worlds of meaning contained in separated sections, and finally, combined in the mind of the careful thinker/viewer. Hidden treasures. I seek to present my viewer with images and shapes, both recognizable and insinuated, and to suggest memories and experiences linked to worlds of personal and social meaning. By using existing images, then combining and manipulating them through added finger and brush strokes, texture, and conflicting colors, I am seeking to encourage emotional connection and inspire questions. I create in order to offer my viewer some recognition and a little bit of confusion, then lead them into curiosity.


THROUGH MY art, I aspire to encourage connection to the inner self and then conversation with our outer community and world.

I love it when someone sees something in my painting that I recognize when they call it to my attention. I enjoy drawing out memories and associations from others. I am delighted when someone expresses a mixture of childhood and adult emotional and “gut” responses to my paintings. I also include a lot of cerebral techniques and symbolism, (as a writer would,) during my process, and so I seek the initial “pow” and then the long-term (lifetime, I hope) discovery of details. I anticipate my collector’s curiosity over years and  decades, and use great care to deliver delayed surprises and joy.

I try to follow the advice of one of my favorite teachers, who told me to say exactly what you mean…I try to paint exactly what I mean. I work to edit thoroughly.


MY LARGER goal is to reunite people with their innate creative and curious spirit, and to revive the human connection that conversation about art can offer. The courage to express a gamut of emotions and to share experiences with one another is highly valuable. Our country has put art on the back burner and I want to help turn up the heat. Cook some things up! Then eat at the table, all together!