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In October of 2017 a wildfire swept through my home and studio in Northern California and destroyed everything in its wake, including over twenty years of my art, family photos, family keepsakes, treasured gifts from dear ones, unique things collected over a lifetime of living on three continents, and an unimaginably beautiful home. On that fateful night life took a sharp turn, and my husband and I made the decision to leave Napa and start the process of rebuilding a life in Seattle, a city we left thirty years ago.

In a rental house with rental furniture and rental everyday things, I bought an easel, some canvases, brushes and paint and began to create once again. Eventually purchasing a house, I am now settled into a little second floor studio with views. Much of the work I’m creating now is everything from a nod toward things lost - whether it be a memory of past works or a beloved corner of the garden or studio - to an exploration of life today. Hard pressed to stick to one idea, I might paint something political one day and something pastoral the next. Or maybe my grandma’s teacup. And as I am many things…an artist, a mom, a figure skater, an oyster farmer, a cook, a gardener, a procrastinator…I’m often a little surprised at what works its way onto my canvases. 

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Born in Portland, Oregon, Andrea has lived a nomadic sort of existence in an eclectic mix of beautiful and inspirational places that have formed her particular aesthetic: Oregon, California, Washington, England, Connecticut, Argentina, France, and up until October of 2017 she split her time between Napa and a home in the San Juan Islands in Washington where she and her husband own an oyster farm. After the devastating October, 2017 Napa Valley wildfires destroyed her home and studio, Andrea moved to Seattle with her husband, where she is currently rebuilding her life and art closer her children and family.

 With a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington, Andrea has also completed extensive coursework at the International Center of Photography (New York), the Silvermine Guild of Artists (New Canaan, CT), writing workshops at WICE in Paris, France, and studied oil painting for ten years under the tutelage of artist/painter Janine Wesselmann.

Prior to turning her attention to painting, Andrea was a figure skating coach and choreographer in Portland, Oregon.  When a number of transfers due to her husband’s job took them to Connecticut, Buenos Aires and Paris, Andrea turned a life-long love of photography into a profession, concentrating on fine art photography and portraiture.  Upon returning to the U.S. after expatriate life, she opened the gallery/boutique, Hazel & Sid, in which she imported artwork and antiques from markets and artisans in Europe, South America, and both coasts of the US.  She also turned her focus to painting.  Andrea thrives on challenging herself to evolve creatively, which is reflected in the varied subject matter, technique, and style of her painting.


Andrea donates the majority of her painting proceeds to charity, in particular the Erik & Andrea Anderson Scholarship Fund (through the American Indian College Fund). This fund currently supports four full-time Native American students in the disciplines of art and environmental sciences. Other benefiting charities include the victims of the 2015 Valley fire (Napa County, CA), and Tiba Foundation.

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